episode 27

Digital Posture

ft. Dr. Michael Turner & Dr. Paul Ofili

"I've wanted to become a chiropractor since I was fourteen years old, I got to see how it could help my brother when no other doctor could after a serious football industry. That's when I decided."
Conforti Chiropractic Wellness Centers
"People can feel energy, and when you put your face and your brand out there. Who you are as a person. People can relate to that."
Dr. Paul Ofili
Ofili Chiropractic
Brown on Brand is back with a digital marketing duo that knows quite a bit about how to posture your business for success online. Dr. Michael Turner of Conforti Chiropractic & Dr. Paul Ofili of Ofili Chiropractic use social media to share the back pain alleviating knowledge thousands are looking for.