episode 29

Perfecting the Grind

ft. Jay Smithweck, Founder of 360Booth

"If you don't start stocking the shelves, you're never going to own the store. You won't know what it takes because you won't be treating your employees right."
Jay Smithweck
Living in a time of exponential technological growth is an opportunity within itself when there’s industry disrupting breakthroughs happening around the world every single day. Episode 29 of Brown on Brand has arrived with special guest, Jay Smithweck, someone who single-handedly turned the automotive photography industry on its head with 360Booth, a patented vehicle photo booth that produces incredible results 365 days a year, rain or shine.

Jay will be joining Thumbstopper Pres. & CEO, Matthew Brown to discuss the nerve-wracking process of starting a business, Jaguar committing to electric vehicles, and the mass exodus of businesses & families alike from California.
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