Episode 008

Humans are Brands with Yo Murphy and Dexter Jackson of ASPI

“I think as a human, we are all brands. My passion is about developing human performance and elevating one's brand or worth.”
Yo Murphy
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Yo Murphy and Dexter Jackson are bringing their collective wisdom and experience in cultivating human performance from the gridiron to the training compound. The veteran NFL alumni are part of the Applied Sciences & Performance Institute (ASPI), a performance facility that merges athletics, technology and research in the pursuit of improving human performance.

The Compound

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, ASPI’s 21,000 square-foot training facility provides corporate, academic and clinical organizations a pro-athletic-caliber experience not typically available in retail fitness chains. The institute also offers personalized programs that focus on improving nutrition, flexibility and other aspects of biomechanical performance.

“To make change, you stress your body,” Murphy said. “But you only want to make sure you stress what you need.”

ASPI’s programs help people gain a better understanding of how posture, balance and hormonal changes affect overall wellness and physical conditioning.

Each One Teach One

Outside the training compound, Dexter Jackson and Athletic Director Matt Schmitz are engaged with children from area neighborhoods raising awareness of ASPI's youth programs. They promote the facility as a safe environment to encourage children to overcome laziness and be more active.

“Instead of having [the kids] come to us, we’re getting out into the community to see how we [ASPI] can help them,” Schmitz said.

Jackson's background in child development influenced his vision for ASPI's youth program. The former Super Bowl MVP wants children to value their physical and mental health to minimize the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and other diseases.

"A grown person can't sit down for six hours straight and not do anything," Jackson said. "We need to get kids back outside being kids again."

Using his mental health expertise, Jackson also promotes ASPI as an outlet for children to counteract behavioral issues through physical education.

"This kid might have a cure for cancer and save my life or my wife and my kids," Jackson said. "Someone gave me a chance, so why not give [children] the same."

ASPI’s community outreach provides physical training clinics and mentorship opportunities while partnering with other pro athletes like Randy Moss and Derrick Brooks to assist in the program.


Murphy and Jackson want to use their wealth of knowledge and experience to "pay it forward" and promote a welcoming environment that encourages people to feel comfortable, motivated and inspired when they come to ASPI.

“I think as a human, we are all brands,” Murphy said. “My passion is about developing human performance and elevating one's brand or worth.”

More information about ASPI and its programs is available by emailing Mattschmitz@theaspi.com or by visiting https://theaspi.com/.

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