episode 25

Marketing Muscle 

ft. Sean Jacobs of Jacobs Fitness

EP25 Ft. Sean Jacobs of Jacobs Fitness
"I want to educate my clients, regardless of who I'm working with. So at the end of the day, if you're being receptive to what I'm giving you, you can take these ideas, share it with others, and then move on and have a successful personal life."
Recorded at the beginning of Covid-19, Jacobs discusses how he's adapted his business to work in the "new normal" and ruminates on the future state of training in the post-pandemic world.
Finding your passion is challenging enough; executing on it is the next level. Jacobs Fitness owner Sean Jacobs discusses how he pursued his passion for fitness, what it takes to stick to your goals, and how he's managed to grow his business through word-of-mouth.
You can find more information about Jacobs Fitness by visiting the link here.

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