Episode 018

Making the Pitch

feat. Marc Blumenthal of Florida Funders

We're looking for founders that know their business – who their customers are, who their prospects are and the ins-and-outs. If they can't articulate the basics, they should.
Marc Blumenthal
General Partner, Florida Funders

As Florida Funders General Partner, Marc Blumenthal has helped cultivate Florida's tech community through investing in tech companies across the state. He is also founder of Synapse, a nonprofit organization that assists in building Florida's entrepreneurial ecosystem with seminars, summits and other networking opportunities.

In this episode, Blumenthal takes Matt Brown through the steps to effectively transform early-stage tech companies into business enterprises with funding from Florida Funders. He also discusses the upcoming Synapse Summit on Feb. 11-12 in Tampa, FL., which caters to entrepreneurs across the state.

You can find more information on Florida Funders by visiting here. This year's Synapse Summit is Feb. 11-12, 2020 at Amelie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

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