Episode 012

Post All Bills feat. Andrea Messimer-Henley of Adomni

“Traditionally, outdoor advertising was one-size-fits-all. Today, we are the Amazon of out-of-home, where you can place, buy and deploy everything in one platform.”
Andrea Messimer-Henley
Senior Director of Sales & Business Development | Adomni

Billboards are back. Digital media and out-of-home advertising are finally teaming up on the big screen.

In this episode of Brown on Brand, Matthew Brown talks with Andrea Messimer-Henley, senior director of sales and business development at Adomni, about the rise of programmable advertising in the out-of-home industry.

Out of Home, In Your Hand

Adomni is a digital advertising platform that makes the purchase of outdoor advertising easy and affordable. The company was founded in 2016 by Jonathan Gudai and Jonathan Fine. The platform gives advertisers access to over 93,000 digital screens across North America, including 8,000 programmatic billboard displays located at various points along roadways and interstates.

Through Adomni’s platform, media buyers can customize their advertising campaigns based on location, timeframe and media types. The platform's ease of use and flexibility enables users to segment their ad buys and manage their campaigns from a single dashboard.

Purchasing static billboards has notoriously been time- and labor-intensive, often taking weeks or months to deploy a single campaign. Flucations in design, labor, maintenance and availability have made it difficult for smaller advertisers to control costs.

“Traditionally, outdoor advertising was one-size-fits-all, ” Messimer-Henley said. “Today, If an advertiser needs to sell some last-minute tickets to an event, they can quickly buy several locations for an hour or so until the tickets sell out.”

Adomni will soon be offering ad products that utilize geofencing technology to target mobile users who are in proximity to certain billboard locations. The company plans to extend its platform to other U.S markets and will soon begin expansion in Europe.

OMG, Kylie!

Adomni recently gained national exposure when it faciltated a massive digital marketing campaign for Kylie Jenner and her line of skincare products. The collaboration merged Adomni’s programmatic advertising platform with an experiential marketing campaign conceptualized by Jenner’s creative team.

The campaign, which launched in May, was deployed on 6,000 digital screens across 1,100 U.S. cities. According to Messimer-Henley, the Kylie Jenner campaign was Adomni's largest out-of-home programmatic buy to date, the result of which has continued to pay dividends in residual exposure.

Everything Old is New Again

Traditional billboard advertising has waned in recent years due to increased overhead and questionable ROI. The convergence of programmable advertising, coupled with advancements in large-format screen technology, has positioned Adomni to reinvigorate the outdoor advertising industry.

More information about Adomni can be found by visiting https://www.adomni.com/.

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