Episode 009

Your Website is Stale featuring Evolving Technology

“Send me five links that are examples of content that you find valuable and we can expand it out to a daily update of similar content.”
Shane Metler
Evolving technology

Shane Metler wants to put an end to stale content on business websites. Melter, along with his colleague Leland Morris, are with Evolving Technology, a software firm that specializes in AI-powered content syndication for businesses.

Evolve Technology’s software uses artificial intelligence to aggregate content from sources across the open web, which are then curated into industry-specific feeds to which businesses can subscribe. Businesses that don’t have the internal resources to produce content on a regular basis often have to rely on paid advertising and other direct marketing efforts to drive traffic to their sites. If the content that a visitor sees appears stale or outdated, the bounce rates can be quite costly for a business.

Evolving Technology is solving this dilemma by combining artificial intelligence along with human curation to create resourceful and relevant content for a business’s target audience. To a site visitor, the experience is analogous to reading a blog. The only difference is, instead of being published natively, the content is first aggregated from multiple sources then displayed as if it were being published from the business’s website.

Limits of Advertising

Leland Morris, who handles sales and marketing for Evolving Technology, says that money spent on advertising is less effective when the content that consumers encounter fails to inform their purchasing decisions. “Fewer dollars are being spent on generating content that can serve as a resource to consumers,” Morris said. “That’s a critical component that we’re trying to solve.”

Automating Dynamic Content

Evolving Technology offers two points of entry into their content ecosystem. For as little as $50 per month, businesses with smaller budgets can subscribe to a Group Feed which gives them access to vertical-specific content from trusted sources. Group feeds are powered by Evolving Technologies A.I. algorithms. Business that need a greater degree of personalization can opt-in to a Custom Feed subscription. Custom feeds provide the same A.I. powered aggregation and learning capability as a group feed, but with a greater degree of curation tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Metler says that the software’s A.I. learns as it aggregates becoming more targeted and consistent over time. The increased consistency of high quality and relevant content greatly reduces the bounce rights of websites who subscribe to their service.

Reinvigorating Business Websites

Evolving Technology seeks to breathe new life into a business’s marketing efforts by providing a steady feed of fresh industry-specific content curated to the business’s target audience. “Part of what we try to do, even for people that are great at self-publishing content, is increase depth and breadth of their content,” Morris said.

For more information about Evolving Technology, visit http://contentengine.net/

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